Friday, December 10, 2010

Roof Update

After years of unexpected leaks, overflowing buckets, and stop-gap measures, Oddfellows’ roof was beyond repair, and the situation was critical. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous friend of Oddfellows, the Maximilian E. & Marion O. Hoffman Foundation, and dozens of you, we now have a new roof. An energy audit pinpointed heat loss areas, and we had 3” of rigid foam insulation installed under the new roof to raise its R value. We now have architectural shingles on the Playhouse’s sloping front roof and a white/gray rubber EPDM membrane that decreases summer heat gain and lowers cooling costs on the two flat roofs in the rear. Best of all, no one will get wet in Oddfellows’ theater. Thanks to all of you for helping us “hold up our biggest umbrella”—our roof.

At this time, you have helped us raise $29,415 out of the $33,230 it costs to repair Oddfellows' roof!

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