Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Children's Circus Rises Like Phoenix with a Golden Nose

The 2011 Oddfellows Children's Circus is in peril and at risk of closing, unless the young circus performers retrieve the "the golden nose." "The Quest for the Golden Nose" is based on the ancient Greek myth of Jason and the Golden Fleece. The Middletown Children's Circus has adapted the tale to show off their circus talents as they journey to retrieve the nose. In this tale the golden nose has given the circus years of magical success, but this year the gods have decided to test the performers to see if they are worthy to continue to keep the nose. The children have to make it through many challenges including windy boat rides, alligator filled swamps, bullfights, dragons and more.
Oddfellows Playhouse and the Middletown Commission on the Arts present the 23rd Children’s Circus of Middletown: The Quest for the Golden Nose. The one-time-only show will be presented on August 5 at 5 PM at Macdonough School, with a rain date of August 6 at 5 PM.

This Friday 8/5 at 5pm at Macdonough School (66 Spring St, Middletown) is the Children's Circus of Middletown. It really is an incredible event, and shows to highlight the spirit of Oddfellows Playhouse and the Middletown community. So much of what was lost in the February 2011 collapse of the building at 505 Main St. impacted this program.

Over 130 students have worked over the last 5 weeks to put together this incredibly large outdoor performance, which will be witnessed by an audience of over 1,000.

The Middletown community has helped in a variety of ways - people have helped sew and stitch costumes together, paint and build set pieces and puppets. Those who couldn't lend time and energy helped in other ways. On August 1st, Eli Cannon's Tap Room held a Craft Beer Tasting and BBQ, donating the proceeds to Oddfellows. Carrie Carella, General Manager of Eli Cannon's said, "We wanted to help our neighbors. The chaos of construction [Community Health Center next door] helped us realize how important support from the community is. We know the Children's Circus took a big hit when 505 Main St collapsed, destroying costumes and props. We can't sew or act, but we can do an event to help Oddfellows out in a financial way. We thought an event the week of the Circus made a lot of sense."

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