Monday, February 6, 2012

Winter Update

It has been a very busy year at the playhouse:
  • The Neighborhood Troupes program expanded beyond Bielefield, Farm Hill and Macdonough Schools to include Lawrence School and a North End troupe at the Green Street Arts Center. Over 130 at-risk elementary school students were active in the program – learning puppetry, acting, dance and improv.
  • The Traveling Circus presented a brand-new show titled “Adscensio” in October and January.
  • The Junior Repertory Company presented “Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story” to sold out houses in December.
  • The Teen Repertory tackled “Slaughterhouse Five” and held a community conversation with local veterans who served in Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War I & II and Afghanistan about PTSD and coming home.
  • 34% of students received scholarship assistance provided by many generous supporters that allowed them to participate in programming.
These are just a few of the opportunities that you have helped to make possible this year. But the impact that these experiences and opportunities have had on the hundreds of students involved in programs this year are even greater.

Here is some of the growth our teaching artists observed this fall:

  • “Marsela” joined Junior Rep as a quiet soul and seemed to blossom as the weeks went on, becoming more willing to join in and take creative risks.
  • “Caitlyn” is proving to be very focused and has started to come out of her shell – she’s more eager to be a leader.
  • “Advika” really took charge in her group for the fairy tales. I was really proud of her!
  • I love “Jazer”! He is not only a wonderful actor but an INCREDIBLE kid. Told his mom after class, he is respectful and kind, as well as an active participant. These kids are very talented and uber enthusiastic.
  • “Sasha” was a leader in the group activities. She’s creative, kind and willing to try everything. She also made friends in the group and helped others to feel more comfortable.
Here at Oddfellows 7 months of exciting programming has sparked incredible growth in not just these students, but all of our students. As winter classes start their third week here, we look forward to making the next 5 months even better—however, we can’t do that without your help. By making a monetary donation to Oddfellows Playhouse , you will be ensuring children in need receive financial aid, kids of every age are given the opportunity to explore the world through performing arts, and that Oddfellows can continue to provide the tools to a richer, better life for all students. Please consider making an unrestricted donation to Oddfellows Playhouse today. We thank you for your generous, continued support.

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